How to subvert and destroy your opposition

Neurotic people are best at thinking up these kinds of schemes, as they live in doubt:

After all this success, a huge campaign against the party leadership began. Party members all over the country were telephoned by people who sounded friendly and trustworthy. But soon the calls only mentioned how bad the party leadership was, combined with “sweet talk” directed to the members.

At the same time, a lot of websites emerged pretending to be nationalistic but then concentrating on black propaganda and smear campaigns against me. The fractionating telephone calls expanded to an election-campaign-like scale, and fraction meetings started to appear, meetings where we, of course, weren’t invited to defend ourselves.

All this fighting and backstabbing slowed down our progress significantly and made a lot of good people quit since they often were kind and naïve and therefore easy to trick into these lies. - BNP

Sounds like an organized and well-funded effort.