More unpopular truths

Back to the origin of this blog: the truth is never popular, because it's not simple and pleasant.

Alcohol probably does not cause crime; however, alcohol is an idiot magnet. If I could, I'd live in a dry county. It drives away the people who need to have intoxicants to survive. (I'm "high on life," yes, please call me a fag in email so as not to waste valuable discussion space.)

Think about the magnets for idiots that exists near your neighborhood. The same people who cannot plan ahead more than 24 hours in their lives are the people who, when presented with an opportunity where crime is profitable, impulsively do it. Wal-marts, liquor stores, pawn shops, convenience stores, tattoo parlors, etc. draw these people like moths to light, and that's why many communities have chosen to ban these businesses.

In chaos theory, instant gratification businesses are a "chaotic attractor" that draw in chaotic people ;)


There's a lot of things that might be convenient which we eschew because they lure in those whose only connection is convenience, and those people then commit crime and become parasites.