The Internet People

I've noticed that all internet forums, left or right or center, have one thing in common: they're staffed by Internet People. Internet people are those who are present in forums because for them the internet is an activity, not a means to an end.

Internet people:
- Feel unrewarded in life.
- Use the internet as their primary entertainment.
- Tend to be know-nothings.
- Accuse others of their own weaknesses.
- Are unfamiliar with logical argument.
- Take everything personally.
- Are cheerleaders for what appears to be their side.
- Are oblivious to underlying values.
- Argue exclusively in fallacy, distraction, deflection and non-sequitur.
- Defend their territory and identity through their politics.

I think it helps to take a look around and separate normal people from internet people. Internet people will destroy any productive discussion.


  1. The new word that is going around, that describes these people perfectly is "dyslogics" --similar to dyslexia or dysfunctional, the dyslogic cannot be engaged in a logical conversation and cannot be addressed with logic. Dyslogia is only curable by a healthy dose of realiy.


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