Fox News letter about Glenn Beck boycott

Dear Fox News,

I am writing to you about Glenn Beck in support of your decision to keep him on the air.

I should say first that I'm not a Glenn Beck fan. I don't own a TV and don't like watching it, but I saw a segment on YouTube where he gave people bad computer advice about the government's CARS website.

However, I support Glenn Beck's right to speak and the right of his audience to hear him, and I don't think a bunch of angry, disillusioned underachievers should be allowed to interlope with their boycott and drive him from the air.

Their threatening of his corporate sponsors is a form of "information terrorism," where a small group convinces a larger group to back down through the promise of irrational acts, hatred and fear.

I think people fear what Glenn Beck has to say and for that reason, I think we should all -- left and right, black and white, etc -- support him staying on the air.

I am a Republican voter because the Republican party is the better of two choices. I do not trust liberalism, which neuters us as a culture and brings on massive breakdown. Looking at the results of 1789 and 1917, I can only say that I don't want my country to fall into the same chaos. I am an anti-liberal and someone who believes in culture, family-oriented morality and yes, conservation. If you could do one thing to your conservative programming to make me likely to buy a TV and watch, it's to point out the conservative case for forest conservation, reducing land use, and population controls.

Thank you for reading.


Steve Harris
Alief, Texas

Hope they like it. Boycotting someone to get their opinions off the air is the most immature act I can imagine.


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