Attacking diversity is not an attack on any minority group

Attacking diversity is not an attack on any minority group.

Why? Because we would be committing a fallacy of division. If purple people and green people together compose a system called diversity, and diversity has a property called failure, we have not at any point stated that purple or green people are failures. Most people have a problem comprehending design scope because to learn this tool, they must posses enough spatial IQ.


  1. In theory you are right, but in practice you are wrong.
    If the set consists of 90% green and 10% purple and you declare that it has a property called failure, you also claim that separating the group would remove that group property called failure. But what you really have just said is "if we remove the few purple entities from the bulk of green, and keep them separate it'll make things better". But treating 10% of the population differently based on the sole fact that they are a member of the set purple is what we in a social context call racism.

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    You are right but if someone wants to call you a cunt it doesn't really work to give a scientific explanation why they have their biological facts confused. They are only trying to make you look bad and they have the audience trained to back them up. (Some people will agree you have a point though).


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