Deep ecology activists arrested in West Virginia

Two teams of deep ecology activists just got arrested (or are in the process of getting arrested) for non violent civil disobedience against MTR here in West Virginia. More info below.

A third group is preparing to cross the line against strip mining as I type.

We need your help.

We can get loans based on your pledges. We have paypal, POB--we need help to get our mountainhuggers out of jail for some kick ass actions!

If you can make a pledge please call

(304) 854 1937



Send checks to POB 86 Naoma WVA, 25140

07:30- Six Mountain Justice activists are locked down to equipment on the Kayford mine site owned by Patriot Mining Company with a banner: "Never again!" They're joined by two support people and an independent photojournalist. A second team has deployed a banner on the Brushy Fork Impoundment that says "West Virginia says no more toxic sludge! The Picket at Pettus is still scheduled for noon today at Pettus, W.Va.--the mouth of Marfork Hollow.


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