Pentti Linkola "Can Life Prevail?" released in English -- possibly the most important environmentalist book of this year.

First the press release, then an explanation as to why this is important:

Corrupt together with its publishing arm Integral Tradition present the hottest book on environmentalism and deep ecology this year: Pentti Linkola’s “Can Life Prevail?”. A brand new English translation of the latest work by this internationally famous ecophilosopher from Finland, including an exclusive foreword written by our columnist Brett Stevens.

Pentti Linkola is an environmentalist from the old school, called a conservationist. Conservationists realize that whatever land is open for human use gets sold, and eventually gets converted into cities, suburbs or farms.

However, animals and plants need open space -- unbroken by roads, fences and walls -- in which to reproduce and interact. Each creature needs a certain amount of acreage and a certain amount of roaming space, or they clash and eliminate each other. Worse, without open space natural selection is interrupted, and they become inbred.

Pentti Linkola, like Aldous Huxley before him, realized that a society based on the fulfillment of individual desire has no STOP button. It keeps expanding because each individual wants as much as he can get. Even worse, individuals get bitter because they do not feel fulfilled because society does not address their non-material needs.

However, Linkola was too smart to believe in the dogmas of left or right. Communism, he saw, was so focused on material equality that it could not stop expansion. The right wing, who believe in a libertarian form of social Darwinism, did not take into account the damage done by individuals pursuing "freedom" in material form.

Instead, he realized that a new form of politics was needed, one based on reverence for things outside of us, and as a result, the ability to tell ourselves and others "NO" when individual desires threaten to promote reckless expansion.

Linkola sees that we already exist in a time of radical evil where our personal fears and desires have trumped all sense, making a chaotic mess that consumes everything it touches. Even more, he sees how politics has devolved into material infighting and ignored nature.

Read this book for an insight into how we can fix our environmental problem and make ourselves spiritually stronger, through the Zen of learning to appreciate nature and struggle.

While most "environmentalists" are going to tell you to recycle condoms and buy green lightbulbs, Linkola offers you the hardline reality and doesn't take any prisoners. In doing so, he shows how the solutions we need are readily accessible if we can just open our minds to them.


  1. great synopsis of what and who Linkola is. Though I love certain types of cars, etc., I'd be more than willing to give that up for a society such as the one promoted by New Pedestrianism. Take up a small amount of space, walk or bike to where you need to go, etc. We'll be forced to do it soon anyway, so why not pretend it's a willful gesture?


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