Beherit identifies problem with black metal

Terrorizer: Has it been an easy transition to slide back into the metal world? Is there anything you're looking forward to? Anything you dread?

Holocausto: That's true, but what's so significant happening in metal music for the last ten years? There's not much innovation, except the sad fact that quite amount of metalheads moved to entertainment business. Hipsters flood over bulletin boards and black metal bands sounds like happy carnival melody music? I respect only handful of newer bands and talking about your metal world in general, I would rather go back to my cave.

Terrorizer Beherit interview

For those who are curious about such things, this is why bands like Beherit lead: the people behind them are realists, intelligent, and also care about the romance of life -- such as producing great art, art which values intensity of experience over safety; Satanic art, not God-will-save-your-dumb-ass art.


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