Lost faith in Atheism

One of my favorite techniques -- to point out to the holier-than-thou deconstructors that deconstruction itself is a religion, and one without a constructive goal:

I'm realizing that any dogma becomes a religion, because no dogma (per Goedel) completely describes the world. There's a leap of faith in every single one.

I grew up in a good liberal home. I believed in equality, science and atheism as my dogma. These explained everything. If the people were unhappy, make them equal, bring in modern science and democracy, and soon they'd be sipping Coca-Cola in air conditioned rooms. Progress would dominate everything.

As I saw more of the world, I began to see the failings of this view. First, "science" is good at figuring out linear problems in a material context, but as soon as non-material concerns or more than one variable are in play, it starts to flake out. Also, "Progress" -- while it made me feel like a King to talk about it -- hadn't made people happy. It was like giving them the vote and technology divided them further from what they really needed to pay attention to. I cannot partake in science and progress as a religion anymore.

Now I'm not sure I believe in a soul, but there's definitely a personality to each person, although clearly (see Pinker) it's biological in origin, not picked by ourselves. I like some people's personalities and not others. Even more, I see that some personalities and personality types are destructive. I cannot partake in the religion of equality anymore.

So now I've lost faith in all things except philosophy, or using abstract logic to find answers. Atheism divides us from life by negating God; I find it better to revere life instead and not care if someone calls it God, nature or Life. In doing that, I have finally shed all religions and come into my own.


I hope it makes them choke, cough, and then re-assess. They aren't my enemies, but their bad logic based in low self-esteem and as such a need for social status has made them weak.


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