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Thu 26 Feb 2009

WASHINGTON, DC (NNN) - During his most contentless speech to date, President Barack Obama appeared to accidentally insert notes left by other parties, fueling speculation that he is indeed a puppet of the global elite of oligarchs who in shadows rule planet Earth.

“Furthermore,” Obama said at one point, “America needs to rise to meet the challenges of this new century, and speaking of meeting, let’s make sure we have some hookers at Bohemian Grove this year.” Appearing bored, he continued to read the droning speech in precise and dramatic tones.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WASHINGTON -- Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was just a few paragraphs into an address at a St. Patrick's Day celebration at the White House when he realized something sounded way too familiar. Turns out, he was repeating the speech President Barack Obama had just given.

But Cowen was 20 seconds into his second address when it dawned on him that he was giving word for word the speech that Obama had just read from the same teleprompter.

Obama laughed and returned to the podium to offer what might have been Cowen's remarks. In doing so, President Obama thanked President Obama for inviting everyone over.

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