Majority of bloggers clueless

I had higher hopes for this article, but:

The majority of people starting up a blog have absolutely no idea how to use the content management systems that allow them to update their site, a fake new study has found.


More likely:

The majority of people who are currently blogging have never served in a leadership position. As a result, they are unaware of the complexity of what they write about, and should be seen as "complainers" not analysts because they consider only a handful of factors at most out of thousands.


  1. Hi - Martin from riverScrap here. I just feel I should point out that this was the very first article I published on my blog, and that it was deliberately written in a tongue-in-cheek style within minutes of me opening my Typepad account (and then subsequently filed under my 'Fake News' tag).

    If you or your readers take a look at my other 50-odd articles, I'd hope you would conclude that I am not one of the bloggers who falls under the categories of "complainer" - check out my latest feature on the 'The blog without an opinion' for a better example of my analysis.

    Cheers, M


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