Socialized Medicine Always Raises Costs

On the Left, there are always cries for socialism because that philosophy distills to "economic equality," which furthers the peer pressure desire for equality, because with equality, there is no longer conflict within the group and this enables the individual to do whatever they want and to force the others to accept the externalized costs. Socialism just formalizes that.

We have no shortage of sagacious Europeans telling us how socialized medicine is "cheaper" because look, they did not receive a bill for a certain medical procedure. What geniuses! They do not mention that other people's taxes are paying for this, and that Europeans are fleeing the continent because of its high taxes, much as they once fled it to come to America. If you penalize productivity, you get an ingrate herd of do-nothings.

But somehow all of these wise Europeans have disappeared when the Obamacare bills have come due. Perhaps they did not understand the greater challenges in America... or perhaps they finally noticed that all of their nations are bankrupt, too, and did the same thing every socialist-tinged economy does: ignore infrastructure to pay out benefits to useless idiots, while penalizing the productive enough that they flee, leaving behind a vast herd of takers with not enough makers.

Socialized medicine always raises costs. You are no longer paying for your own medical care, but that of another person at least. And his attorney, and the government's attorneys, and attorneys at the hospitals and working for the doctors. And a legion of bureaucrats, usually obese and unintelligent, to file paperwork and talk to people on phones. And the set-aside by hospitals and doctors to cover the amount of care each year that will not be reimbursed in time. And the paperwork the doctors, nurses, attorneys, and bureaucrats must file. On and on it goes.

Obamacare savaged the American middle class. The typical Leftist voters -- women, the young, and minorities -- did not notice because they are the 47% who receives more in benefits than it pays in taxes, so for them and in the short-term only, it is a "good deal." But like all snake oil sales, eventually the scam is discovered, and then there is hell to pay.