Political Correctness For SJWs

It has come to the attention of the management that we are experiencing more visits from SJWs, and that these new users often do not know about our standard of respect and compassion for all other forms of life.

In particular, SJWs use certain problematic language that is deeply offensive to members of our community and disenfranchised people here.

Stop Yourself From Using These Abusive Terms

  1. "Triggered." Trigger... does that sound like another word that we should not be saying? If you guessed the N-word, you're right! "Trigger" is a term that White Nationalists use to refer to people of color of African descent. Instead of saying "Triggered," you should use the more empathic term "invaded."

  2. "Raped." In less enlightened times, people talked about rape as a serious crime. Little did they know that in our more scientific and respectful era, "rape" is just one of many crimes that violate human dignity. When you say that "staring at my tits is literal rape," you are implying that all other violations of human dignity are less important, and that is highly insensitive. Say "emotional assault" instead.

  3. "Cultural appropriation." Wow, just wow. I cannot believe that in 2016 we are still revisiting this topic. You do not use the language of oppressors to describe the suffering of the oppressed. The correct term is "Ukwabiwa zamasiko," the closest Zulu equivalent.

  4. Gender. People are still using gender terms in here, and it makes us literally cry our eyes out, which is ruining the keyboards on these MacBook (Pro) laptops. The correct way to use gender is not to use it at all. Be sensitive and use "it" and "its" instead of the anachronistic and discriminatory gender terms.

  5. "Stupid." Do we need to remind you that this term is just another version of the R-word? Bigotry against people for low intelligence is just another form of ableism, which discriminates against people for physical traits they cannot control. If something types something that you think is idiotic, use the term "conservative" instead of out-dated words like "stupid," "moronic," "idiotic" and "insane."

  6. Reality policing. We have seen this egregious destruction of human rights too many times. People, as autonomous and sovereign beings, have the right to perceive the world around them as they see it. When you tell something that "2+2=4," you are implying an absolute and fixed value to your own perspective, which is not their perspective and denies them their civil right to see the world differently. Sometimes, the answer is five, and if you really want equality, you will insist that it is always five so that all visions of reality are accepted.

  7. "Mine" and "Yours." Among the worst invasions of personal respect are these terms for ownership. As you know, the concept of private property ownership came from slavery and marriage, in which people literally owned each other. Instead, say "this thing I am using" or "the place I am living."

Together we can make this blog a more inclusive community for all sentient beings, and usher in a new era of peace and love for humanity. It is up to you to make this happen, and we thank our new SJW friends for their compliance.

Your hosts