Reddit Censors Discussion Of Orlando Shooting To Suppress Knowledge Of Shooter's Religion

In an article dubiously entitled "Internet Dumpster Fire Reddit Has Meltdown Over Orlando Shooting Censorship," Death Metal Underground explores the censorship of news of the Orlando shooting perpetrated not just by mods of /r/news but by those vested in the culture of the site itself, which defends free speech if it is the correct speech, but otherwise takes great delight in censorship, historical revisionism and other modes of thought control:

As it becomes clear that censorship is rampant on social media, Reddit is the latest company to stumble when its news channel censored all mention of the Orlando Pulse gay nightclub terrorist attack. According to users, the site removed all conversation about the event — including requests for a blood drive.

...Again social media makes it clear that it is an echo chamber for officially accepted opinion. If you have the right opinion, your words will be repeated by the hive, which will make you a celebrity. People on such channels attempt to out-do each other in their flattery of popular ideas, which coincide with official opinion because most people simply repeat what they see and hear. As a result, the echo chamber intensifies.