Swedish media is wholly controlled

Leaked internal documents reveal that journos working for SVT have been instructed regarding the language they use to describe the illegal immigrants from Africa and the mideast flooding Sweden. (And of course if you don't follow these instructions your script/articles won't get greenlit and you'll jeopardize your job)

The bullet points are as follows:

  • Don't use the word "immigrant"
  • Don't describe the appearance of illegals who commit crimes if they're from Africa or the mideast
  • Terrorists with swedish passports (can be found in cereal boxes these days) are to be described as "swedes".
  • If anyone claims to have been the victim of discrimination or a hate crime they are to be believed at face value

Some 50% of SVT's journos already vote for the glue huffing greens so I have little doubt they'll have any trouble fulfilling these requirements

The chief of SVT's news division has this to say:

"Språk är makt. Språk är också politik. Språk signalerar normer"

"Language is power. Language is also politics. Language signals norms" (I don't even know how to translate the last bit of newspeak)

-- Moralkonstapeln

Business as usual in prole-occupied Europe (POE).