5 news items of interest for December 6, 2015

This post is an experiment. What if the Drudge Report was distilled to the most vital and shockingly awakening articles>? For kicking people out of the waking dream of modernity and re-orienting toward what is real, here are five "finds."

  1. How a rebellious scientist uncovered the surprising truth about stereotypes. All of social science, armed with the confidence the public has in science, seems to agree on one thing: liberalism is right. But the data have been manipulated to fit the conclusion, not the other way around.
  2. Now it's "racist" to ask immigrants to learn English or abandon dodgy imported election practices. We are told that all people are the same, yet the third world has certain conventions which it shares with others on its average IQ range, which is on the left half of our Bell Curve. Somehow, these immigrants keep creating the same conditions they came here to "escape," and it's "racist" to notice.
  3. Cold War II? Not yet, but the temperature is falling. Liberals told us that with the fall of the Soviet Union, peace would reign. Instead, the world is more divided than before, with the undeclared war of third world against first causing repercussions which will lead to eventual mass warfare.
  4. Islamist terror, security and the Hobbesian question of order. In our liberal democratic mindset, our perfect pluralistic society is ruined by a few extremist fundamentalist types, and everything else is peachy. This article points out that instead of that naive vision, we are seeing Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" come alive.
  5. A Biblical defense of ethno-nationalism. At church, they tell us that we need to love everyone because God is love. In reality, the Bible is a document of race warfare which proscribes any Tower of Babel style internationalism, multiculturalism, diversity or tolerance.