White House search engine bomb

Many of you remember that late 90s practice of search term bombing, where you and a few dozen friends would all link to the same site with some derogatory word, so that when someone searched for that word, up came the site you were defaming.

Recently another type of internet protest has become popular which is the "search engine bomb." In this, you and a few dozen thousand friends all type the same search term into popular sites, creating a ripple in their statistics -- or, in some rather nasty uses, slowing their site to a crawl.

People read log files and watch statistics, so the former seems more effective than the latter. With that in mind, in protest of the recent political correctness pouring out of the White House, I suggest this be implemented:

This string searches the White House website for "overthrow government." Enough hits on this pipe, and the White House will be wondering why people are so interested in removing them.