Reddit drama continues as /r/EllenPaoInAction is removed

On May 30, 2015, moderator wfa19 closed the sub "EllenPaoInAction" and implied that he felt threatened for running it. He left the following message before stopping new submissions and deleting all older ones:

This was intended as a discussion post about the controversy, not a place to be racist against Asians. Find somewhere else to post your stuff. I don't want to be shadowbanned for this.

The implication is that someone has threatened him with a shadowban over "racism" against Asians posted in this sub. There's only one glitch: absolutely no one recalls any such racism. Not only that, but racism shows up in all of Reddit, and the response is as one user suggested: "Are you serious? Ban the offenders, don't shut down the sub."

Reddit will never release its logs and reveal what actually happened, but this looks like a case of threats made by the admin team against political speech. In this case, it is completely in violation of any attempt at transparency by Reddit regarding its new CEO, Ellen Pao, and any of her deeds or misdeeds. If the slate is clean, no need to wipe it. And yet it has been wiped, and by the most shadowy means possible.