The plague of Baby Boomers

From internet copypasta:
You have absolutely no idea the kind of hell you have unleashed on us. You've forsaken your own children -- deprived us of security and a decent future -- for the sake of your own monetary gain. You were the first and only generation to place your self and your needs before your children's. You recklessly racked up trillions of dollars in spending, tanked the economy to its lowest point since the Great Depression, dismantled the housing market, voted corrupt politicians into office that nonsensically threw America into countless expensive and unnecessary wars, caused more damage to the environment than any other generation, and set up retirement funds for yourself, providing no trust funds or safety nets for your children.

...With your egotistical behavior and carelessness, you sucked up all of the resources and left us nothing. Your parents gave you the world, handed everything to you on a silver platter and you threw them in nursing homes while recklessly abusing drugs, having unprotected sex and spreading millions of sexual diseases ("free love"), and abusing the resources that our country once had. And even still to this day you refuse to offer even a little bit of money from your retirement fund to help your children get out of debt. The idea of us even asking for your assistance disgusts you.

...You handed us down your mess and expect us to clean it up for you. You gave us debt, no jobs, overinflated prices, and an environmental and economic crisis. You scream at us to "get a job" in an economy that you single handedly destroyed. And yet you expect us to take care of you when you fall ill and beg us not to put you in nursing homes and to take care of you -- the exact opposite of what you did for us. Admit that you have caused more damage than any generation in history. Admit that you are all the most lazy, downright disgusting, selfish, egotistical bastards that have ever came into existence. Admit that you did nothing to help us. Admit that you even had children out of pure narcissism, not love.