Social media is dead

All social media sites are susceptible to this simple hack:

  1. Set up IRC channel.
  2. Wait for friends to arrive.
  3. When there's ten, post new content to social media.
  4. Post link to the IRC.
  5. Have you and 1-2 close friends downvote/report everything else.

All of the algorithms I've seen so far are susceptible to this.

I do not engage in this practice for many reasons, some ethical and some practical.

On an ethical level, it's toying with people's faith in society; some trolls argue successfully that this faith is misplaced and should be shaken; I counterargue that without strong signaling to that effect, it becomes vandalism.

The practical is that anyone who trolls around the sites can see who is engaging in this practice and rapidly realizes they're behaving badly. I remember the crucifixion of davisreis666 on Reddit as an example. - *


  1. 2) Friends
    Where do you get them? Let alone 10.

    Hack doesn't seem to be so simple when there's a problem in the second step already.


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