Reverse complaint trolling: how to turn social media censorship on its ear

What you see above is an example of reverse complaint trolling: an enemy wanted to know why someone used euphemisms for the various racial epithets he would otherwise use. The person asked turned the question around on his enemy, and provoked them into using the terms in question, then hit the report button and got his enemy a temporary ban.

Now, I'd first like to say that racial epithets and racial cruelty are not my bag, but that this strategy is brilliant. Social media runs on the idea that whatever is complained about is most likely bad. Let's turn it around and flood them with complaints about the other side, and also provoke that other side into saying the stuff we know we cannot say. Whether that is simply "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" or something more insidious, watching the censors get censored is always a fun thing!