Texas Under Siege!

Texas Under Siege!
Obama moving to flood Texas communities with thousands of relocated illegal aliens
The U.S.-Mexican border is collapsing. Pres. Obama's weakness and his kneecapping of immigration enforcement for 5 years have had the predicted effect. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have already been smuggled into our country, with millions more to follow unless we act now to stop it.
These underage aliens, and the much larger group of adults, are crossing our border now because they've figured out that Obama will never deport them. Moreover, Obama seems to be planning for taxpayers to pick up the check for a lifetime of financial dependency, starting by moving thousands of them into Texas communities. (See the map below.)
 NumbersUSA has an effective plan to stop this resettlement bulldozer right in its tracks. I'll give the details below, but you need to know this first. AMERICA IS AT A CROSSROADS. IF WE LET THIS HAPPEN TO US, OUR SOVEREIGNTY IS AT GRAVE RISK.