Special Rally on Saturday the 12th at the City park

The republic of Texas Nation stands under One Almighty God;

The Texas republic is alive and well since 1836 thru 2014 (Present date);

Sunday July 13th, 2014
*9:30* AM: till 5:00 PM.
At the town of Fredericksburg, Texas republic.
Session will be held at CTEC building, 386 Friendship Lane Fredericksburg, Texas republic
To Donate; office supplies, land, buildings, specie etc. or be a volunteer, or want to become a rT Senator, Representative, District Judge, County official, Notary or have concerns for other matters such as republic Texian Rangers, Texian County Readiness Volunteers (see web site);

Mail to: Attention. Secretary of State republic of Texas, c/o [PO Box 280], Iola, Texas republic (non-domestic).  

Help us Free the Land of Texas:
Donations of checks, money orders, currency etc. appreciated: Also for ordering Gold, Silver or Copper barter medallions. Pay to the order of: Republic of Texas.

Mail or send by carrier to.
c/o Republic of Texas Trustee
1105 Lawndale Ave.
Victoria, Texas republic near [77901].

With your support and dedicated help all the below is possible.
Freedom is not Free.

Advantages to becoming a Texian National

1. IDENTIFICATION – As a Texian National you are identified with a sovereign entity, the Republic of Texas. A Texian National is not a Citizen of the State of Texas, a United States Citizen or an American Citizen. Just as one born or naturalized in Norway would be a Norwegian National, one born or naturalized in the Republic of Texas is a National of the sovereign state of Texas. Texian Nationals are not subjects of any other government. 

"Men are, therefore, under an obligation to carry on that commerce with each other, if they wish not to deviate from the views of nature, and this obligation extends also to whole nations or states".
 § 35 Dignity of nations or sovereign states;
EVERY nation, every sovereign and independent state, deserves consideration and respect, because it makes an immediate figure in the grand society of the human race, is independent of all earthly power, and is an assemblage of a great number of men, which is, doubtless, more considerable than any individual. The sovereign represents his whole nation; he unites in his person all its majesty. No individual, though ever so free and independent, can be placed in competition with a sovereign; this would be putting a single person upon equality with a united multitude of his equals. Nations and sovereigns are, therefore, under an obligation, and at the same time have a right, to maintain their dignity, and to cause it to be respected, as being of the utmost importance to their safety and tranquility.

§ 36 their equality;
We have already observed (Prelim. § 18) that nature has established a perfect equality of rights between independent nations. Consequently, none can naturally lay claim to any superior prerogative: for, whatever privileges any one of them derives from freedom and sovereignty, the others equally derive the same from the same source.

2. TAXATION – As a Texian National you are not subject to any tax of the State of Texas or the United States. Texian Nationals are not required to pay Federal Income Tax, Social Security, or FICA. Federal taxes are limited to basics such as national defense, roads, police and courts.

3. LAND OWNERSHIP – As a Texian National you have the ability to reclaim the land that you live on through a land patent and the possibility of owning your land outright (allodial title) exists. 

4. ENERGY – As a Texian National you are free to use and develop any energy system technologically available. Texian Nationals are free to pursue and use renewable and free energy options.

5. MEDICINE – As a Texian National you are free to pursue any remedy available to cure or relieve symptoms related to your body. Vaccines are not forced upon Texian Nationals. No plant that grows naturally (such as hemp) is prohibited from use for medicinal purposes. What is commonly called “alternative” medicine in America today will be as viable if one prefers it as what has come to be considered “traditional” medicine.

6. BANKING – The Republic of Texas does not charter banks that would profit from the use of fractional reserve banking or by charging interest (usury). Texas Nationals lend and borrow from each other without interest, and instead pay reasonable service charges for bank services.

7. BUSINESS – As a Texian National you may start a business in the Republic of Texas without all of the red tape and filing requirements typical of business today. All businesses in the Republic of Texas must demonstrate that they serve the public good in order to maintain their charter. Businesses chartered by the Republic of Texas do not pay Social Security or FICA contributions.

8. ROADS – The Republic of Texas stands behind the right of freedom to travel. No individual traveling on Texas roads will have to pay a toll unless using the public roads for profit. Speed limit signs in the Republic of Texas are suggested maximums and the use of seat belts is optional.

9. FIREARMS – As a Texian National you have the right to purchase, carry and responsibly use firearms without registrations or permits. Militia groups within the Republic of Texas are encouraged to protect private property from all enemies, foreign or domestic.

10. FREEDOM – As a Texian National you have the right to free speech, to freedom of worship, freedom of personal security, and all of the other freedoms found in the Declaration of Rights.

11. LAW – The Republic of Texas functions on basically one rule—the Golden Rule. Justice will be achieved through common law through a jury of one’s peers, and statutes that must be written will be kept to a minimum and written in plain English so that all can read and understand them.

12. GOVERNMENT – The Republic of Texas believes that the best government is local government. Government in the Republic of Texas will be limited with the greatest authority being given to local municipalities rather than the National government.

13. EDUCATION – As a Texian National you have the freedom to have your child educated as you see fit at your own expense. Private and public schools are encouraged and will be locally controlled.

14. HUNTING and FISHING – As a Texian National you have the right to hunt and fish without a license or permit for your own needs and the needs of your family and friends.

15. MARRIAGE and CHILDREN – The Republic of Texas does not require marriage licenses and will not take your children away for not complying with state statutes. The rights of children will be protected through the courts, as would anyone else’s rights.

16. EQUALITY – No Texian National has any claim to superiority over any other Texian by way of age, sex, ethnicity, or religion. Slavery in any form is unlawful in the Republic of Texas.

16. LEGACY – In the Republic of Texas, property may be passed from generation to generation without probate taxation.

17. POLITICS – In the Republic of Texas there are no political parties. Those who run for political office do so based on their own merits and record. Strict term limits exist for all politicians to avoid corruption.

18. PATENTS – The Republic of Texas promote the ideals of cooperation and the free expression of ideas and does not allow for ideas to be patented, nor does it recognize the patents of other jurisdictions.

Serious volunteers seeking Freedom contact President John Jarnecke  jhjarnecke@hotmail.com or Vice president Ed brannum reptx777@att.net