The mental defect of promiscuity and hoping sex alone can bring fulfillment

Guy sends his girlfriend out to have sex with another man and encounters the truth of modernity -- it is empty and soulless because we are totally isolated from one another, actually being in competition instead of collaboration:

After we got home, I still didn't feel much. She was really sore so she didn't want to do anything sexual with me and just wanted to cuddle. However it felt different now. I didn't feel like she was my girlfriend anymore. She smelt like him and was still all sweaty from him, and it's like he claimed her, and I didn't feel like she was mine. I'm surprised how emotionally detached I've been throughout this whole thing. When I read stories on here about couple's first time, they say it's so hot and they have this amazing sex afterwards. But I don't feel any of this, nothing feels different except she feels foreign to me now. - "It finally happened. Not sure what to think."

Wanting to have other guys have sex with your wife or girlfriend is treating her like a product. You are deriving externalized value from that in that, because she is wanted, you feel you possess something more valuable. Instead, you are discovering what a lack of fidelity means: you are truly a compromise, an act of convenience, and there is no hope for greater affection for you than your momentary utility. You are disposable.


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