Interview with Brett Stevens of the Dark Legions Archive and Death Metal Underground, the net's oldest and longest-running metal site

Around 1994, metal ran out of ideas; now, bands are either rehashing the past (diehards) or “innovating” by incorporating even older genres. “Progressive death metal” is basically 1980s hardcore combined with mid-1970s jazz-fusion; “post-metal” is 1980s emo and UK shoegaze combined with pop-punk and indie. If you mix The Dillinger Escape Plan with Kenny G, Spyro Gyra and Biohazard, you get “tek-death.” The whole genre is a scam, basically, but metal fans haven’t noticed. The diehards are doing the same thing. The surface says Blasphemy/Sarcofago, but underneath, it’s sped-up versions of Minor Threat or Cro-Mags.