The situation in Ukraine, by David Howells

Western media writing that yesterday Yanukovych has crossed his bloody Rubicon is not lying. I explain: cultural war between Western and Eastern Ukraine and its geopolitical extension - a choice in favor of EU or Russia - is a myth that was designed to protect the criminal and corrupt regime from the fair uprising of Ukrainian people across the whole country that was especially successful in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and Western Ukrainian regions. This is cynical demonization of nationalist Ukrainians that retrospectively justifies ultra-strict punishment against the "fascist hydra that raised its head over Ukraine," in reality - simple people who protest against the government and were supported by the right-wingers after the authorities took violent measures against them.

This myth about "the American puppets - Western Ukrainian fascists" is easily transformed into the second most powerful myth that is imposed on everyone today, which is the myth about Ukrainian "terrorists, extremists and armed radicals that terrorize peaceful population and deputies and destroy citizens and the country." It is especially reinforced by the Russian media and is very convenient for EU and USA that have already realized that the protestors are against another euroatlanticist master and urge loyal to them potential political leaders to distance themselves from the "far-right radicals." The problem is that the whole population will become "right-wing radicals" soon, since a lot of ordinary Ukrainians fought the police as well, were injured or killed, and those who remained alive will continue their struggle.

Yesterday in the morning the planned mass peaceful protest turned into the worst massacre in the whole history of independent Ukraine. The parliament refused to adopt the Constitution of 2004, the "radicals" attacked the office of the ruling Party of Regions and the clashes started again in the governmental quarters of Kyiv. Special units of the Ministry of Inner Affairs attacked civil protesters by shooting them and throwing at them stun grenades from the roofs. The history of one clash in Mariyinsky Park. When the fighters, who were throwing stones at the internal forces in response, agreed to a temporary ceasefire and deployment of combat operations in more convenient place (at the request of the commanders of that unit), during this break one of the workers of internal forces threw at the feet of the protester real grenade and the latter was torn apart. It is said that this worker was captured, but wasn't killed.

When I arrived at the Instytutska St., the protesters carried tires to the government quarter, picked up the wounded protesters, supported the fighters by their presence; among them were many women of all ages. I was able only to walk a bit and take several photos (you see them below) when the attack of Berkut started and people began running away. Some wanted to enter the subway, but the police closed it from inside. Back then we didn't know that the subway would be closed across the whole city and perceived it as a trap. So those who could just escaped down to Maidan like me. Some people shouted "where are you running, stay, we have done nothing!" Later I heard that Berkut was shooting running people in the backs, and near the metro station were found two dead victims - a men and a woman, 50 years old. They were accidental victims of enraged Berkut who's afraid of armed protesters and, paradoxically, often shoots simple defenseless people instead. This attack also began when we agreed to free Kyiv City Council in exchange for prisoners a couple of days before; for some strange reason they considered this step as our weakness. 5 people died only in the first half of the day; I saw a lot of the wounded who were carried by others. Medical worker confirmed the next day that most victims were elderly people.

From this point (as well as from legendary Grushevskogo St.) Berkut moved very close to Maidan (you see the trajectory of their dislocation in the photos below as well), so it was clear that they will try to disperse it in the evening. Indeed, appr. at 8 p.m. they attacked Maidan; they even tried to ruin a barricade with an armored troop carrier, but it was burnt down with the Molotov cocktails. Protestors remained on Maidan and started burning tires and wood in order to separate themselves from Berkut with this wall of fire. However, at night Berkut have managed to enter the core of Maidan and the clashes with the protestors, Army of Self-Defense and Right Sector have started. Stun grenades explored every 15 minutes, but people seemed to be immune to them. Berkut seized the House of Trade Unions and began shooting people from the roof. Some were shot even near the very scene. It is said that up to 20 people died. Moreover, they also set on fire the House of Trade Unions, including the floors where were situated the wounded (from inside, by throwing grenades and molotovs). Some say that up to 40-50 people who could not move were burnt alive, others say that all of them were saved by firefighters in the morning. My friend who worked in the medical service for the whole day said that suffered lots of people and that fire was so huge that they could not be saved. Fire hasn't been fully extinguished yet, at least a couple of hours ago. Ministry of Inner Affairs has already accused Right Sector of setting it on fire in response... They also claimed that firefighters could not come to Maidan for a long time, but the protesters say that Berkut did not let it come faster and did try to extinguish fire with their water cannons. Latest news: in the House of Trade Unions medics discovered several unidentified charred corpses.

Transport entries to Kyiv were blocked for the whole day, only Zhytomyr trail was freed after the firefight with DAI (the Department of Auto Inspection). The train from Lviv was detained with all the activists. Paid "titushkis" disguised as Army of Self-Defense were waiting for the protestors near Maidan and also shoot them. By the way, this time it's not only "sportsmen" and gopniks, but also released from colonies bandits. During this night they burnt cars of supporters of Maidan and even tried to disconnect from Internet activists in different regions of Kyiv. They also burnt a lot of ambulances. Buses filled with titushkis are coming to Kyiv. Some claimed that even tanks were approaching the city from the Southern Ukraine.

A few words to analysts from the West and Russia who "know better" what's going on in Ukraine. 1. This struggle in Ukraine was pro-EU only in the very beginning. 2. The regime initiated eurointegration but failed it; in spite of this, it promised to continue it afterwards. 3. pro-Western opposition can come to power during the next presidential elections even without Maidan; neither the West, nor Russia are against the leaders of opposition, but 4. USA, EU and Russia are severely against street fighters who attack the system, especially Right Sector, which is against NATO and Russia, against all integrations according to which Ukraine is a mere object of foreign geopolitical manipulations.

In other words, I hope you understand that it's not the final struggle of good and evil, of "Nazis" and "Resistance" and even not USA and Russia that can easily come to agreement regarding their zones of control over Ukraine and do not hurry to "help" the protestors. People are dying, if you understand what it means. If you sincerely believe that they are paid, it's a problem of your atrophied materialistic consciousness. It's not Libya, Syria, Egypt or Serbia, it's a struggle between the useless murderous regime and the people. All Ukrainian politicians are more or less the same, it's clear that all of them will try to continue the same multi-vector foreign policy, there is no "last bastion of civilization" that would cost such a huge amount of victims. It's not Afghanistan, it's not Africa, it's a democratic European country. All European governments would resign on any terms only to prevent further massacre, and only our golden government pretends that their corrupt regime has an extraordinary ideological and civilizational mission and accuses opposition of provocations and struggle for power as if it will return simple people to life and prevent further clashes!

Many analysts refer today to geopolitics or say like Alexandr Dugin that there is only a geopolitical truth, and if you're not an unconditional supporter of Russia, Customs Union and Eurasia, you're a paid by USA Nazi or a useful idiot of the West. And you should be killed - "either they us, or we them." I didn't expect such a black and white scheme and deterministic skepticism from the former herald of Conservative Revolution and a philosopher of "Radical Subject," but when he blocked me on Facebook for quite a moderate and substantiated criticism of his interpretations, I realized that he no longer even tries to find the allies in Ukraine. My friends re-sent me recent Dugin's post about Ukraine in Russian in which he writes such embarrassing things about Ukraine that you'd never read even in the Soviet manuals on history (like Ukraine should be divided in several parts, it has no history of statehood, Ukrainian language has no universal significance, etc. - I suppose we should leave only "global" languages like English and Russian, maybe also French and German?). In other words, looks like the option of the revival of Europe does not exist for him. Only global powers like USA and Russia.

Prof. Dugin often refers to German conservative-revolutionary author Carl Schmitt who explained the difference between the Nomos of the Sea (atlanticist states) and the Nomos of the Earth (continental blocs). Russia's continental identity is under question (Asian mobility and authoritarian bureaucratic state model has always been peculiar for Russians, and it has not so much in common with European lifestyle, peasantry and the considerable role of aristocracy that was peculiar for European countries, including Ukraine), but what questions his geopolitical speculations even more is that the same Carl Schmitt explained the logic of Partisan's struggle against the murderous and terroristic state that, of course, makes the Partisan an outlaw, terrorist and the criminal - in exactly the same manner as Ukrainian government equated the protesters with the terrorists. How strong the propaganda should be to make the educated "reactionary" intellectuals not only ignore such a massive passionary uprising in Ukraine, but also try to discredit it as a paid pro-American protest along with the bureaucratic monster, a globalist state machine that completely forgot that the people is the source of legitimacy, not institutions and police terror?! Virtual reality of virtual conservatives, reactionaries and right-wingers, all that I can say on this occasion.

Dear opposition! Many of you are good and devoted persons, but please shut up about "the European choice of Ukrainian people"! I say this not because the West has already shown itself, at least twice: firstly, when they condemned street violence and capturing the administrative buildings; secondly, when they refused to help Ukrainian people to fight the government (in spite of all the rumors about the generous Western helping hand). Don't politicize our struggle against the regime which should not be confused with your political ambitions! Speak about human dignity, freedom and democracy if you wish, but listen to the leader of Right Sector who's much wiser and more educated than your irresponsible demagogues who only feed Western and Russian trolls with their pro-EU fantasies! We fight for powerful Ukrainian state, not economic benefits of foreign geopolitical blocs!

Yanukovych! Ukrainian people should not go home, you'd better go and hang yourself along with your irresponsible and incompetent Ministry of Inner Affairs before the protesters have done it! The way you treat simple people - kidnapping, torturing and killing the protesters, shooting the medics and the wounded - will be considered by the martial court. None will believe the myth about the disciplined, restrained and noble fighters of internal forces and Berkut after these psychotic actions, they will be treated like mad dogs. None will believe the myth about Ukrainian terrorists. Before it's too late, realize that there will be no civil war, only methodic partisan war against the government and its servants, with or without the blessings of opposition, and it is not even 50/50 now. Your political existence is over, give way to the historically necessary national renaissance if you cannot favor it!