Does the working class vote against its best interests?

Potential hippie chick Heather Denkmire wrote a great article called Does the working class vote against its best interests?

She writes from a leftist slant, but she hits on a vital question:

Rather than slamming doors shut with insulting tea party nicknames or condescending rants about politicians duping the uninformed working class, we should acknowledge our own voting decisions are made with equally human brains.

That's the crux of her argument, which wanders around possible solutions that no one believes in. She's trying to find a common ground we have, like the spaced-out terms liberty, freedom, etc. That sounds nice but no one is using those words the same way so it's sort of pointless.

Here was my response sent to her via email:

People don't want to take responsibility for their votes.

They would rather blame The Rich, The Jews, Wall Street, The Republicans, etc. than actually take responsiblity and demand something sensible.

Then again if you've read The Bell Curve you know that the majority of them regardless of race lack the wiring required to make complex decisions. They have no impulse control, intellectually or otherwise.

I love driving past the apartments incl. section 8 where I can look in the windows and see all the 52-inch flat-screen TVs.

I also find their tendency to vote emotionally or at "face value" to be their great undoing. We know that Communism failed and the French Revolution evaporated in chaos, murder and massive wars, but people are voting for exactly the same ideas 200+ years later.

Is the problem really our leaders? Every society gets the government it deserves. When the vast majority of our citizens care only about "bennies" and are willfully oblivious to long-term consequences, we're going to get ruled by cruel manipulators.

Maybe there was something to how the founding fathers put limitations on enfranchisement. 18 year olds aren't up to this question; they vote for what's on MTV or current youthy hip equivalent (Colbert, Stewart, Simpsons).

If we dig deeply enough, we see how people seem to not even care beyond their immediate gratification. They want what they want now, and if it has to be paid for in the future, they treat it like someone else's credit card.

This is the same phenomenon responsible for the memory hole in news, our sudden apathy when we hear about drones blasting wedding parties to paste a half-world away, or how we've let the environment degrade over the past 50 years.

We just keep passing the buck. We must hate our children. Most people seem to, anyway, because the kids don't do exactly what their parents want them to. Kids are supposed to be lifestyle attachments not personalities.

In the same vein people mistreat pets, act out their ego-drama by purchasing products to make themselves look cool, are narcissistic and can't imagine a world beyond themselves. It's Planet Idiocracy.

I hope your article wakes more people up. I guess you can tell already that I'm sure it doesn't. Maybe 10% of the population can understand it, much less recognize the symptoms in themselves and find the will to cure them.

Good luck with that, hippie chick.


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