Reddit's liberal hivemind groupthink explained by /r/conservative mod

Over on liberal hivemind group think headquarters "Reddit," one of the mods in the beleaguered Conservative sub-forum finally had enough of liberals coming into the forum in mobs, voting down every comment and article, and then leaving.


Someone else said it better than I have:

/r/conservative is an outnumbered subreddit. What that means is that if it opens its doors it will be overwhelmed by all of Reddit's liberals and conservatives won't have a place to discuss things as conservatives anymore.

We are on the internet, which has an audience like that of daytime television. Many people watch casually, but there's a relatively small group of fanatics who participate much more than others, and they dramatically skew public perception.

Most of Reddit's audience is composed of these people. They are:

  • Young, living at home, posing to appear more adult than they are.
  • People working do-nothing jobs who hate those jobs.
  • People on disability, or mental disability, mostly confined to home.
  • Those for whom socialization has failed on all other level.

This audience is radically liberal because liberalism excuses its failures and dispels its fears.

If life hasn't worked out for you, the best way to make yourself feel better about that fact is to re-style yourself as a victim.

In that case, the best victimizer is something huge and intangible, like "capitalism" or "the rich."

As a result, these people flock to leftist opinions and are fanatical about them because non-leftist opinions invalidate their own excuses for non-performance.

If /r/conservative does not actively defend itself by upvoting conservative content and making sensible conservative comments, it will be drowned out by this panicked, angry herd.


The best is yet to come, however, as users weigh in...

Smart conservatives acknowledge that they have a conservative bias.

Smart liberals honestly believe they are bias-free, and that liberalism is just the non-ideological way of looking at the world. - Continuity_organizer


Conservatives think "I am right and you are wrong."

Liberals think "I am right and you are too stupid to have an opinion" - leftlooserighttight


This has been the longest and most robust period of down voting since I have been here. The worse Obama does the more they come after us. - yzass


Its a very young "Disney like" ideal that we can trust a bunch of lawyers and spin doctors to build a utopia for us based on it being OK that some people can relax and live of the hard working. As many of them get older or wiser they will see the majority of politics is just a game played by a hand full of power hungry liars to live as a ruling class. When you're right, time is always on your side. - Everlovin


A lot of the liberal trolls I see here masquerade liberal opinions as the normal, mainstream conservative position. - PayYourBiIIs


What liberalism has managed to do over the past several years is vilify those that oppose their politics to such a degree that they believe opponents are literally evil. And as such they believe that any tactics employed to crush evil are ok. There is no sense of propriety because they believe that they are in an ultimate war of good over evil.

Young people are particularly susceptible to this because they don't have to life experiences that make clear a lot of the false conclusions and prescriptions for problems. And many spend 4 years in Universities with professors that never politically matured beyond their own days in college. And these professors indoctrinate them with claptrap that a normally intelligent, older adult would laugh at.

Liberalism also targets particular groups with promises of rewards specifically to that group, using the most cynical pandering in politics. - lizardflix


As a former liberal in my 20's and now a conservative I think there is also a need as a liberal to make yourself heard and validated, a need that conservatives do not have or at least not as much of a need. - leftfourdead


Hit the nail on the head here. It's why every Redditor seems to be some ultra-poor college graduate working a dead-end job.

On Reddit, there is nothing more admirable or noble than being poor and having a shitty job. Conservatism doesn't applaud that like liberalism does, so they can't stand to see a Conservative voice on Reddit. - SkittlesUSA

Steve Harris is a volunteer with the Republican Party in Deep Ellum, Texas. He is also an identitarian who writes and blogs under the name "mayonesa" and "Conservationism." You can find him on Facebook.


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