Massacra releases "Day of the Massacra" demos compilation

Century Media release compilation of demos by legendary French death metal band Massacra


Celebrating the influence of this foundational band, Century Media will on November 4 release Day of the Massacra, a compilation of the re-mastered “Nearer From Death”, “Final Holocaust” and “Legion Of Torture” demos. The sound is surprisingly good, considering that the raw material comes from tape and isn’t easy to work with, although “Legion of Torture” sounds raw enough that no amount of modern technology can save it.

Massacra picked up the mantle of Slayer and Morbid Angel and crafted phrasal riffs into complex constructions which breathed pure energy but yet managed to take your breath away with their vast inner contrasts.

Massacra - Day of the Massacra review and audio samples

Album on sale at Century Media Europe

Video of "Apocalyptic Warriors" from the upcoming Massacra demo compilation Day of the Massacra


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