Elections in the free nation of Texas


GENERAL ELECTIONS for the Texian peoples' republic of Texas.

Elections will be held on Monday, the 2nd day of September in

the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen for offices in all of the

republic of Texas nation, districts and counties.

Elections will be for electing and/or re-electing all candidates for

elected offices that are up for election in the Nation, Districts and

Counties of the republic of Texas, including the president, vice-president,

congressional members as representatives for the

eighteenth Congress of the Texas republic and in the county

elected offices.

To learn how you can qualify to vote as a Texian Citizen and

determine how and when to cast your ballot please visit our

website at www.texasrepublic.info and click onto the Elections

link for further detailed information.

This election is open to all Texians who have an Affidavit and

Declaration of Citizenship on file with the republic of Texas.

Posted by the Secretary of State of the republic of Texas in accordance with the 1836 Constitution

and the Laws of the republic of Texas Billy D. Ford, Secretary of State.