What are "wiggers"?

Insightful word from Bill Zebub:

As for wiggers, I was puzzled by that phenomenon when I went to a mostly-black high school. I kept my identity, but most of the white kids adopted a sort of minority-personality. In some cases it was ridiculous because the whites talked like spics. I almost wanted to take these whites aside and ask them if they are aware that spics talk like that because English was not their first language. It's an accent, not a willful way of talking. But years later I studied evolutionary psychology and have found some interesting explanations. Those whites who suddenly adopt a black or hispanic personality are the low-level humans, intellectually. They cannot break away from their brain-wiring, so-to-speak. They are blind conformists. Conformity is essential for a population to thrive. Groups that have high cohesiveness tend to compete with greater success than populations that have lots of free-thinkers, or that have higher numbers of selfish people. So a wigger, or a poser, is a red flag. That person will never be your true friend. He or she will betray you whenever there is a choice between loyalty to you or loyalty to the group. But even before I knew this stuff I always regarded wiggerism as just something to pity. - Metal Inquistion: The Bill Zebub Interview
It's interesting how many people in politics are acting out this broken submission. Their signal: we are afraid of the herd, we will just debase ourselves rather than rise above it. This applies to liberals in general, but also to any pacifists, assimilationists, multiculturalists, communists, etc.


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