Why people on the internet are so weird

I've come to the conclusion that social networking is screwed up because the people who use it most are the people who are least invested in reality.

Every time I try to use Facebook, I get driven away by the behavior of its users. Not the Instagram dinner plate updates, or the personal drama, because I've already filtered out those people.

It's the sensitivity. People take anything seriously. I posted an article showing that divorce really screws up kids. I got back a half-dozen replies, all from people who'd had divorces, defending their own decisions. When I said that it wasn't personal, they said they still felt attacked.

There were other instances of similar behavior too. People hover around Facebook, looking for some reason to cause a scene. Why was this, I wondered.

It seems to me that if you have found something worth doing in life, you're mostly doing it. That doesn't mean your job. If your job sucks, you've probably got a project on the side. You're not going to devote your time to screwing around, which is what most people on Facebook do.

This means that social networking including Facebook selects out the people who have any direction in life, and leaves the resentful, bored, unemployed, disabled, upset, insane, teenage, etc. and concentrates them in large numbers. This is why so much of the response is crazy.

I should amend the post title. I used to keep trying to use Facebook (and MySpace, Digg, Reddit, Friendster, Pinterest, etc.). But now, I don't. These aren't places where healthy people hang out.


The internet is a freak show because since September 1996, its audience have been the same people who watch a lot of daytime TV: the elderly, the mentally disabled, the unemployed, the drug addicted, the ill, the basement dwellers, the elderly, the teenage dropouts, the alienated, etc.

Not all of these are bad, but as a whole, this group is not society's most useful people. Some are highly insightful, but the crowd of the insane quickly reduces their input to background noise. In the meantime, the normal people avoid it except casually, which in turn keeps the most prolific dissident minds away, because they can't reach their audience through it.

Like society itself, it is a case of a good thing being created, and then the Crowd rushing in and taking over, and because it has a pathological need to represent its dogma as the only truth so that its members are not personally affronted by a reality that denies their wishes for what reality "should" be, the Crowd rigidly campaigning against any outside viewpoint. It's a parallel to a liberal takeover of a society.

As the West dies, insanity becomes the norm.