The true nature of diversity is conformity, averaging and uniformity

The idea as sold to us is like a menu in which every ethnicity is featured, and we, the consumers and kings of the commercial realm, can choose which we want each night. The reality is that all diversity is destroyed by the black hole of commerce and government regulation, which will take them all in, smash their culture and values, and turn them into equal citizens laboring equal jobs. Since no one will really have any clue as to what a value system is at that point, breeding will become uniform. Instead of a vast array of differences, you will have a gray race of cultureless people who exist only to (a) work and (b) consume. Evolution will have reversed itself; the machines will have won.


  1. I agree with you, the destruction of differences between cultures is a topic in which I am very interested.
    The "gray race of cultureless people who exist only to work and consume" scares the hell out of me, that's because I always say that it's extremely important to abide our own culture and not act like we were "all sons of the same mother".
    I love meeting and knowing different cultures, that's one of the life's pleasures!


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