Is the far-right riddled with informants and informers?

People often ask about informers in the right.

If you are farther right than your average neoconservative, you are a threat to the existing social order. You by the nature of your beliefs operate from a moral, logical or historical viewpoint. This is a threat to the short term take-it-for-the-face-value currency of democracy, consumerism and socialization (popularity).

As a result, expect informers and informants.

Informer, n. Someone who discovers information about a group and passes information about the group, its activities and its members to (i) law enforcement and (ii) opposition groups and/or (iii) the media.

The goal of an informer is to allow the members of these groups to be tracked, publicly outed and driven out of any kind of lucrative career, and finally to give the opposition and media a cause for being. This little ecosystem works well in that the feds leak to the media and opposition, who promptly manufacture news by attacking or exposing these groups, which makes the scared people at home both buy newspapers and support the brave government agents who are defeating these extremists.

Informant, n. Someone who infiltrates a group and not only passes information on to others, but participates in the group, usually as a means of goading other members into doing illegal things so they can be arrested and brought into the system.

The acts of informants have destroyed more political movements than can be counted. The law relies on them because they are devastatingly effective. Once they get a single introduction to a group, they rise quickly because they can take risks that others cannot, and law enforcement often helps out by delivering fake "results" which make them seem like heroes. While they're inside, they pass along everything they see, and basically accuse other members of being wimps if they don't start being more violent, illegal, etc. The result is that those other members act out and are arrested, then turned into informants. Eventually the group becomes 80% informants and the LEOs (law enforcement officers) just arrest everyone. The bright light of public scrutiny smashes these peoples' careers, marriages, friendships and extended family.

At any point, 50% of the people involved in far-right politics are informants or informers.

Many people find that statistic outrageous. It's not scientific, but it's a quick assessment based on watching who gets busted over time.

I refuse to engage in illegal activity because I know it makes me a target. They will arrest me and the "bad cop" will tell me the bad news: I'm facing 15-20 in the rape house that they call a federal prison. They can't be sure the judge won't put me in cellbock B with the black guys who have huge dongs and AIDS. But then the "good cop" tells me the good news: I can walk out of here this afternoon if I just agree to pass along "very little" information. They may even offer me drugs from the evidence locker, or to clear up some old warrants. (This is a lie: they only suspend the old warrants, and if you break your contract with them, they all come up again as an excuse to arrest you any time you leave the house.)

Some people will call me a coward for that. I can't lie, however, I don't like violence and I like democratic change. It's easy and although very slow enables us to change things without shooting starting, and when the shooting starts, who knows when it ends. You can end up with a full-blown civil war at which point your nation basically ceases to become important outside its own borders. Bad news.

The reason 50% of the far-right are informers is that the FBI are not stupid. This method works. Sometimes, I'm glad it does, when I see some guy whose only game plan was to (i) shoot meth and (ii) shoot minorities gets busted. Guys like that make us look like whackoes. It's the same way in the 1920s the feds used to bust these "anarchists" who were basically criminals hiding in the anarchist movement.

The feds love their informer network. It keeps them abreast of most of the really crazy stuff going on out there. Do you ever wonder why the only far-right people to "take action" and not get immediately arrested are those in small groups who don't talk to anyone else?

Right now most people in the far-right think it's bad to talk about informers. They think it makes us look unprofessional. I have news for them: the informers ruin our only chances of getting mainstream recognition, because the informers and informants are the ones urging our more confused members to do radical violence.

We've got to break the power of the informers, which is done easily by having a standard of mature behavior. Don't talk about illegal activity. Don't take drugs, or have illegal weapons. Do work ceaselessly for change in your local community, and through democracy. You can be anonymous if you want, just do something practical and non-illegal.


  1. The essential point isn't whether our actions are illegal but whether they're dishonourable. For the most part we can maintain both legality and honour, "Tell the truth and shame the Devil". However, the system's greatest weakness is precisely where it's forced to use dishonourable or even illegal methods against us. There's no short cut. It's only through the moral courage of a small minority that the White/Aryan revolution be won. To address your original point, ultimately by fighting honourably and courageously it doesn't matter who the informers are because the beacon of truth can only ever be held by the heroic minority. However, it's by their example that the way is illuminated for the masses.


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