Doxing is how people suppress unpopular truths

What's an unpopular truth? (That's the title of this blog, renamed when I took over some years ago.)
An unpopular truth is an idea that is truthful, but also offensive to someone, usually a large group because groups tend to cluster together when challenged, instead of facing the disturbing information head-on.

It really depends on who the group is. Some truths are offensive to the majority in America and Europe, like that diversity doesn't work and we aren't all equal and most women would rather stay at home and be moms than have meaningless "careers."

Others are truths offensive to the minority.

For example, in the far-right underground, if you're pro-Israel (or even simply not anti-Israel), pro-American (or even simply not anti-American), or pro-African (or even simply not anti-African), you are a heretic and people want you destroyed.

How do they destroy?

They dox you, and then they depend on the leftist useful idiots out there to do their work for them: calling your work to complain, calling your landlord or neighbors to complain, calling your friends to complain, harassing your wife and kids until they divorce you.

It's the modern punishment: ostracism that also makes you bankrupt and alone.

Their goal is to stop you from talking. To shut you down.

The internet site Reddit recently lost all credibility when its admins helped dox one of its members who had helped make the site popular in the first place:
As some of you will be aware, one of Reddit's most active contributors, /u/Violentacrez deleted his account.

The short version of why he did this is; VA was doxxed in real life and Adrian Chen, of Gawker Media, was going to run an article on him.

The longer version is this. A few days ago, I asked VA to add me as a Mod on another one of his subs. He did so, but then replied that adding him as a moderator on r/creepshots 'may have sealed his fate' because Adrian Chen decided to 'hunt him down' and was going to print information about his real life in the article. I asked him how anyone could have his real information, as googling him doesn't bring up much. He is friends with a few people off Reddit. And he speculated that the Reddit Admins, /u/chromakode and /u/spez may have given it to Chen. - Reddit
ViolentAcrez was a good fellow because he behaved like a gentleman. He posted a lot of pornography, and that's not something I normally support. However, I tend to let it be. I'm more concerned about the real destruction of our environment, species and nationality than I am of some guy who is helping to wreck the porn industry by giving away their content for free.

ViolentAcrez may not have been ideal, but he is a real human being who deserves real privacy protection. If Reddit disagreed with what he was doing, they should have stopped taking the advertising money from it and banned him. That's an honest response. Instead they chose to get him fired and target his family.
Why resort to doxing? As one Redditor put it:
It's to enable people who hate someone to phone their place of work and anonymously tip them off about rape/paedophilia allegations, getting pizza ordered to their door at 2 in the morning, writing "DIE PAEDO BASTARD" on their front doors.
To phone their kids and threaten then physically. To phone in tips to the police about "Seeing someone just attack a kid, and then they went into house X on Y avenue."
Doxxing is for the anonymous to @%@#% up someone's life.
It's to enable real-world vigilantism by anonymous perpetrators, who - being anonymous - will get up to some nasty @^#$@#. - SarahC, Reddit
It's given rise to a typical leftist attack, which is to insert the false flag operative and then blame you for what they did:
A few months ago, I posted an article outing several far-right activists as informers who dox other far-righters for saying unpopular truths. In it, I revealed how Maury Knutson, Criostoir O'Domnallhain, and Sebastian Ernst Ronin have been trying to promote their own political "activism" by informing on other right-wing activists.

Shortly afterward, they misidentified Brett Stevens as the author of the post, and attempted to dox him by posting his real information on multiple posts that he made, while trying to entice left-wing activists to attack him. As in the past, they posted in open groups or where left-wingers are known to congregate. Their doxing attempt failed because they had the wrong information, and they didn't get a groundswell of opposition to Stevens.

This isn't the first time this little clique have done this. They tend to find people they can pick on, and attack them, then claim they're doing good work for the far-right. This is how they lure the unwary into their clique and maintain a claim to "relevance," which if you're impoverished and living on mental disability payments, seems like a good gig.

In other words, they proved the point and proved that they actually are informers. There's also a question of how they fund themselves, since all seem to receive money from the US government (and one admits it) that keeps them financially afloat.

Informers and informants are always with us. Their goal is to destroy the strong and logical among us, and replace those with agitprop-style crazies who discredit us. They attack anyone who speaks an unpopular truth, and use that social momentum to conceal their own activities, which generally consist in making reports to authorities about who is doing what in the far-right, and then trying to smash down anyone promising.
Beware these people as they'll be your friend today, but tomorrow, when they need some scene points or to make their LEO masters happy, they'll throw you under the bus and pretend they're heroes for ridding the "movement" of an unpopular person.