How to overthrow and replace modern society using democracy

Only a few of us have (yet) seen that modern society is not only moribund, but in any honest universe it would be sentenced to death for being so neurotic, fearful, conformist, snide and aggressive. It's not a society; it's a giant market of opinions (popularity/democracy) and products. It exists only because the proles, who bred too fast, outgrew their food supply and like cowards, blamed their leaders and thus overthrew the aristocracy, who had tried to keep the prole-count in check. So what to do? Just like the blues: walk on down the scale, and then... walk back up the scale. Reverse the steps we took to get here.
If you really want to defeat Washcorp, you need to do much, much better than this. You need a real institution with real money and a real staff. Your goal is to be more credible than the official story. You cannot do this with one person. You need to build a Web site that anyone with a screen and a mouse can click on, and get an accurate understanding of reality, including all the bits of history, government, economics, science and current events that Washcorp doesn't want you to know. With a 5-minute overview for casual readers, and enough depth that a PhD with a standard Washcorp education will come away at least gritting his teeth. You need to hire Steve Sailer and Michael Totten and Greg Cochran and Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Steve McIntyre and Jeffrey Rogers Hummel and Razib Khan and Michael Yon and Jörg Guido Hülsmann. Or at least people who are at least as smart, at least as knowledgeable, and at least as expressive as the above. You need to produce a coherent corpus of authoritative information, a la Diderot, not just a random jumble of essays. You need to crowdsource, but not without editorial control, so that Conquest's Second Law does not do its thing. You need a place that anyone who speaks English can go to find out what is actually going on in the world, and update that knowledge every day. And above all, you need to be right. The task of replacing Washcorp's pile of nonsense with some other pile of nonsense is simply not solvable. And then you need to wait ten or twenty years. Because this stuff doesn't happen overnight. Your accurate description of reality has to become more fashionable than the official "mainstream" truth. Fortunately, the latter is extremely boring, chock-full of pretentious cant and intentional obfuscation, and often transparently self-contradictory. But you also have to be more fashionable than all your "alternative" competitors (see under: Alex Jones), which is definitely nontrivial. Too bad. It has to be done. The way to defeat a massarchy is to create and propagate a credible alternate reality that outcompetes the official information network. Fifteen years ago, the propagation part was almost impossible. Today it is trivial. All that's left is the creation, and I bet it could be done in half Cato's budget. Bored billionaires of Plainland, you have nothing to lose but your Washcorp. Why not give it a shot? - Unqualified Reservations
All this talk about revolution and extremism is how total losers justify their existence as doing nothing. They will sit on the internet and talk a good game until they have some other excuse to claim as their Life, like a girlfriend or a new job or some drugs. These people don't care about the truth or the future. Ignore them and instead focus on what we can do. As we were defeated, we can defeat. Walk back up the scale and tear down all the Left has built.