Hacker group targets French heavy metal band

Heavy metal band Gojira have come under assault from the radical hackers, death metal fanatics and nihilist trolls at A.N.U.S. (that's the "American Nihilist Underground Society" to the rest of us).

According to a statement on the group's web site:

We encourage our users to vandalize, degrade, sabotage, guillotine, desecrate, corrupt, hack, immolate and sodomize any Crowdist information, which we can define as:

  • A partial truth. It takes some aspects of a situation and makes them "represent" the same situation, like symbols or social gestures, and so obscures the breadth of the situation.

  • It is populist in the oldest sense of meaning pandering, demagoguery, and "little white lies" that we tell in social circumstances when we're not outright bribing people by saying nice things to them. It's like talking a girl into bed.

  • It passively assumes a superior position. These thoughts need some reason why you would adopt them instead of common sense, so they pretend to be intellectually, morally, socially or empathically superior.

Gojira exemplifies Crowdist behavior. Your songs are written like indie-rock converted to powerchords and played with periodic violence, but you do not understand the metal spirit, its way of writing riffs, its song structure or imagery. Although you may be nice guys, you are (sadly) imitators and corruptors of the metal tradition. - Dark Legions Archive News

This was in response to a message from the poor Gojira webmaster requesting simply:

please i kindly ask of you to stop vandalizing our Gojira guestbook, you are welcome to our site for information but please refrain from more hate comments that are signed as members from this website.

the Gojira staff

I went to YouTube to hear some Gojira, but quite honestly, it bored me to death. Like most bands now they like to repeat a few riffs over and over while adding "atmosphere" by doing random things with vocals, wheedly guitars, and drums.


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I thought that it was common knowledge that Gojira are gay. Isn't that true?


  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Lol, those guys aren't "hackers". They're a bunch of aspie virgins with nothing better to do.

    Also, Gojira tears the shit out of the godawful joke bands promoted by that site. Blaspherian? Seriously? lol.

  3. Why we call Gojira "indie metal" ?

    What does "indie metal" mean? It means they're indie rock that uses metal riffs. That's it. Metal-flavored indie rock.

    Metal is a unique style of composition, a unique outlook on the world, and a unique image/ideology. The composition is narrative, or stringing together phrasal riffs based on the power chord; the outlook on the world is an epic, historical, post-human view; the image/ideology is that of a yin-yang but with masculine creative overtones, meaning that we accept good as well as evil but use them as means to an end of ever-increasing intensity and consequent beauty to life.

    What indie rock wants to do to metal is assimilate it, or convert it into metal-flavored indie rock, so that it is safe and predictable as rock music, but still keeps that authenticity of rebellion that metal has. People forget that rock music was designed as a perfect product: it repackaged the blues, itself a repackaging of Celtic folk country, into the simplest possible package and then started putting new flavors on it. But it's basically the same song form that has existed for centuries: verse, chorus (x3) + bridge + verse, chorus. Indie rock was a punk-flavored DIY imitation of this that incorporated a lot of the best aspects of hippie rock; the archetype of indie rock is early REM, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, etc. It's closer to The Beatles than it is to Slayer.

    Then we launch into the meat of the song, which is a plodding verse/chorus which intensifies itself with half-sung/half-chanted vocals, but these are still over the same riff with a few aesthetic modifications. Then the song bridges, and ends. It has a verse/chorus riff pair with a few modifications and an introduction, but other than that, it's straight off the wall indie rock. They even use the same chord voicings in the way old emo bands (Fugazi, and pop-punk-prog like Jawbreaker) used, fanning the dissonant chords. They even use guitar in the same way rock bands do, which is as a rhythm instrument emphasizing repetition of a single note/chord; where metal guitars move a chord shape through a melody or phrase, rock music tries to come to this stop point and repeat the chord on a fixed but offbeat rhythm, so it can emphasize the vocals and not confuse the very simple song format.

    This is why we call it "indie metal": it's not really metal, it's just indie rock with metal flavoring. Some have tried using similar ideas in metal without losing the metal-ness.

    They're trying to keep their metalness without dropping into rockness, but increasingly we're seeing how these techniques are incompatible because they're heading in different directions. Metal wants epic landscapes of phrase; rock wants a convenient beat and a clear chord to build vocal harmony upon. These are directions as opposite as liberal and conservative, spend and save, object-oriented and procedural, vegan and carnivore.


  4. Anonymous9:19 AM

    My personal opinion is that Gojira is closer to mainstream rock than it is to what on surface they want to pretend they are : a metal band. After 1995 it has become commercially viable to produce music which is essentially rock-based but with surface traits that are "borrowed" from previous underground metal bands. In other words, metal techniques are used in a more accesible Rock-sense which just so happens is what most potential buyers are familiar with and thus such bands are then graced with an audience that is and will always be at odds with the most passionate and dedicated Metal fans (which not necessarily are old gents).

    I don´t condone intolerance or abusive acts of bigotry upon people just on the sole basis of musical taste. Furthermore, I don´t doubt there might be music of high quality within those styles of mainstream metal, however fans of this kind of rock-based metal should also understand they lie on opposite sides with underground Metal fans which take their music seriously enough to want to make public displays agains the mainstreamification of their beloved music genre.

  5. I know that Gojira is poseur metal, gosh I know that means it´s not even metal but that´s okay to me because I´m just like the average rock fan nowdays that can´t tell the difference anyway, and when we can, well... we try to ignore the fact that listening to poseur metal makes me a poser too.

  6. Anonymous8:10 PM

    But if you want to seem like you got the ultimate in technical metal, you'll think you're really cool for liking this distracted,
    random, artless band. GOJIRA attracts people who want to be cool and smart, but have no knowledge of how the world
    works, which is why people are GOJIRA fans for exactly two years and then go on to liking Justin Bieber, again !!

  7. Anonymous7:48 PM

    They classify themselves as black metal? This just sounds as "art" death metal because they had a part with clean guitar and singing. This band is popular? This is what it sounds like when I dick around on my guitar, but worse. This seriously disturbs me. I didn't know it had gotten this bad.

  8. Anonymous1:43 PM


    I'm talking about A.N.U.S.

  9. Anonymous1:45 PM

    How ironic, the blog called "unpopular truth" filters its comments!

    Yup, it's really pathetic.


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