Send conservatives back to Africa

Many people ask why I discriminate against conservatives and believe they should be exiled from our society, if not outright jailed. Here are the scientific facts justifying my position:

  • Conservatives have lower IQs. Generally, the conservative average is 89; for liberals, IQ average is 105.

  • FBI crime statistics show that conservatives are prone to crime.They are 7 times more likely to commit murder than liberals.

  • Conservatives are primitive and tribal. They accuse scientists of witchcraft and burn them. They make war on other tribes.

  • Evidence shows that conservatives are more prone to be born out of wedlock, to have alcohol and drug problems, and to have venereal disease (15 times the rate at which liberals have venereal disease).

  • We all know that red states get more federal dollars per dollar paid in taxes than blue states. But did you know conservatives are more likely to be on welfare, many for multiple generations?

  • Lack of evolution. Many anthropologists consider conservatives to a be throwback to the time before Homo Sapiens, when our primitive ancestors battled for territory. For this reason, geneticists think that conservatives lack the genes for social living, including law-abiding, compassion and cooperation.

Conservatives are an obsolete form of human being that science and enlightened progressives should have no use for. Ostracize them and let nature breed them out.