What is liberalism?

From comment to an unlikely source:

It seems to me the goal of liberalism, from France in 1789 to Russia in 1917 to USA in 2009, has been to force equality on people. Instead of letting some get ahead because they're better, we must make everyone the same, like machine-stamped parts.

Their method of achieving this is big government and big media, which from "Sesame Street" through their blockbuster movies, emphasizes this goal. It's a popular goal with many people who feel life has let them down in career, family, personal habits and recognition.

When these people get together in a group, and agree their own goal is to demand equality, they become a lynch mob. At first they claim they just want equality recognized, but this eventually becomes forcing every person into a mold labeled "Equal."

They then create chaos and anarchy, then take power by violence, then immediately line up the people with brains or abilities above the rest -- intellectuals, the rich, aristocrats, and so on -- and have them killed.

Then everyone is equal, or at least, scared into pretending it's so.

Of course this destroys whatever society they do it to, such that today the French are known mainly as rifle droppers, the Russians for corruption and mail order brides, and so on. We don't want that to happen to the USA, so we must destroy liberalism. - TPN