Predictions for the future

Interesting list of predictions from our Reddit propaganda team:

* Europe and North America are swinging to the right, which means that liberal superstates will emerge in Africa and Latin America. These places will have all the advantages of European socialism without the bad parts. These are the future for most of you.

* Global warming will reach a peak, at which human activity will become disordered in response, and in the lands hastily abandoned by people trying to get toward air conditioning/away from the plains, there's going to be a horde of new growth which will soak up that CO2 like a lush.

* China and Russia will reveal they are paper tigers and will stop their relentless colonization of Africa, collapsing within until they return to a manageable size. Russia's nuclear supply will again be up for sale and the CIA will get it all again.

* Much of the world will engage in destructive warfare which will halt their industrial capability, allowing oceans, reefs, forests and natural species to recover.

* American TV will shift to the liberal superstates and get even better, since conservatives (let's be honest) know nothing about entertainment that's interesting. Instead, you will get real 500 cable channels, no fat, including 24-7 Arrested Development.

* Robots are going to replace most of our mundane jobs.

Positive predictions for the future

Seems promising.