Sexual liberation is death

Nerds are both inspiring and sad. Inspiring because who doesn't like to dick around with technology, but sad because they never learned critical thinking.

As a result, they can mess with gadgets but not understand their applications or the reasons for their use.

A prime case in point is this comment I posted on "NerdChic" blog:

Sexual liberation: women give it away for free, and their judgment is so bad that often no one can tell the difference between consent and assault. Even further, men are now both sexually frustrated and rightfully scorn most women as self-involved sluts, so treat them even worse. What a good idea sexual liberation was.

Stages to disaster:

  1. Went to conference that is 90% male and sexually frustrated office-cubicle nerd.

  2. Wore a skirt short enough that I felt it necessary to wear shorts beneath it.

  3. Drank too much, along with everyone else drinking too much.

  4. Got forcibly kissed and groped.

  5. Used this as drama fodder to promote my blog and make myself seem important for things unrelated to (a) being female and (b) being a victim.

Rape is horrible and we should hang rapists, but we should also not set up a society that rewards bad behavior and then sets arbitrary levels of what is bad and good. Sexual liberation is legalized prostitution without payment, and if someone misreads that, it's a drop in the bucket of the damage done.