Crucial time to Save KTRU 91.7 FM Houston

**The fight to save KTRU has entered a critical phase!**

Now is KTRU's hour of need. Rice University and the University of Houston have filed paperwork with the FCC to transfer ownership of KTRU’s FM license. If approved, KTRU would go off the air forever. Don't let this crucial student-created, student-run community radio voice be silenced!

**Simply follow these four easy steps, and you’ll be saving KTRU in no time!**

**Step 1: Write an email to the FCC**

The 30 day public comment period at the FCC ends December 2nd. Now is the time to write to the FCC and help convince them that this proposal is not in the public interest. Tell them that KTRU’s unique locally produced programming is more important than nationally syndicated shows. Our sample letter to the FCC is available at:

If you live within KTRU’s FM broadcast area, send an email by December 2nd to the FCC Chairman, each of the Commissioners, and all of their Media Advisors (and to Go to for an easy link to email all the appropriate people at once.

If you live outside of KTRU’s FM broadcast area, send an email by November 29th to, which will forward your letter to the FCC.

In either case, read our posts "Letter Writing Details" and "Sample Letter to the FCC" for more information:

**Step 2: Sign our letter to the FCC**

Add your signature by November 29th to our letter of protest, which will be delivered to the FCC:

**Step 3: Call or write to Congress**

Tell our elected officials that radio is not a “declining asset” and that secret deals involving public resources are unacceptable. Read our post "Time to contact Congress" (, which contains further details, including a list of the key U.S. Representatives and Senators to contact. Our sample letter to Congress is available at:

**Step 4: Spread the word**

Tell everyone that NOW is the time to speak up and make your voice heard! The more emails to the FCC, and the more calls and letters to Congress, the better our chances. Send people to this page:

**P.S.: Late breaking news!**

The investigative website Texas Watchdog has posted emails showing evidence of deception and collusion by Rice & UH in their attempt to prevent public knowledge of the deal. KTRU responded with a press release condemning Rice & UH's actions. You can find both here:

**As always, watch for ongoing updates. Thanks for all your help!**