Spam goes "diverse"

From the inbox, apparently targeting people who want to become U.S. citizens but already have U.S. email addresses:

Case Number: ECT48633O9010

Dear Winner.

We are happy to congratulate you as one of the lucky winners of the U.S Visa Lottery program, for your visa forms and requirements, contact the Asia Pacific Visa Guide Center with the below contact details:

District Director: Mr. Brian L. Marcar
Address: 10500 Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66-851612247

Applicants who were selected for the program were sent with their winning Notifications from July till Sep 2010. Visa lottery results are already announced to the selected winners all over the world through their email address, the US Immigration releasing Visas too many people in different Categories, therefore you don't have to register to Win.

Nearly 100,600 winners were selected by the computer random draw. From October 2010 those winners will be called for the interview according to the Case numbers. This will continue till the visas exhaust or till the program closes officially on 30th OCT 2010.

If it requires contacting the Asia Pacific Office by telephone, always refer to your case numbers. The processing fees which all the selected winners must pay are as follows: Single - $980 / family - $1,595, processing fee pays for the accuracy preparation of every document.

National Visa Information Center
Washington D.C

Spam knows no limits: no cruelty is below it, no callow manipulation of the emotions of others. Of course, you also have to be really scared, clueless, desperate and trusting to be taken in by this, but if you catch someone at a weak moment, you can take all of their cash -- to someone working as an illegal immigrant, $1600 represents a good chunk of their yearly earnings.

Bonus points to the spammers for emulating the lengthy procedures of a bureaucracy ("always refer to your case numbers") and the inherent threat of bureaucrats everywhere, which is missing the forest for the dotted i on one tree ("the accuracy preparation of every document"). Maybe spammers have more of a sense of humor than I thought.