Remind The Guardian that biodiversity includes human biodiversity

This UK paper asks:

Despite pledges by the G20 countries to stem the loss of biodiversity, their achievements have amounted to little. In many cases, we know the actions that need to be implemented to save wild species or areas - what is lacking is the political commitment to act.

With your help, the Biodiversity 100 campaign, hosted by the Guardian, is compiling a list of actions we want governments to take. They must:

• Make a major contribution to the safeguard of a particular endangered species or area;
• Be politically costly to implement or strongly opposed by some interest;
• Be strongly and widely supported by scientific evidence.

Which action can you suggest? Tell us using our simple form below, and we'll publish your submissions online.

I'm not sure it's actually "trolling," but I think it's important to mention to these people:

(a) Human biodiversity must be preserved by ethnonationalism

(b) Animal biodiversity is only preserved via conservation

There's no registration required, although they do ask you to fill in an email address. You can probably use random ones at,, or to keep them guessing.

They are British, so no anti-homosexual rhetoric, please.


  1. > They are British, so no anti-homosexual rhetoric, please.

    There's a cigarette joke somewhere there.


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