Wikileaks is a CIA project

Look at this:

Three news organisations had advance access to the records, which also show Nato concerns that Pakistan and Iran are helping the Taliban in Afghanistan. - BBC

Don't read the fluff about how terrible these records are and the civilian deaths. Civilian deaths come out every other week when a drone bombs a wedding because people were firing guns in the air. Even so, this war probably lags behind others statistically in terms of civilian deaths.

And the rest of this stuff -- 90,000 documents -- who knows how secret, or how important these were? We don't hear about that, because it's a mound of stuff to dig through, most of which probably involves blowing up sand dunes that might have Taliban footprints on them. Like most guerrilla wars, this is a guessing game.

But the salient fact is buried right in plain view in the middle of the article: Pakistan and Iran are helping the Taliban.

If I were the CIA, tasked with finding a reasonable justification for dominating the Middle East, I'd be patting myself on the back. Mission accomplishment. It's not our fault the proof slipped out, but now that it's here... watch for B-52s.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Think about it - why after all the docs were "leaked" Assange is still able to get more "leaks" and security is not tightened. Because The Fact is that Mr. Assange works for the C.I.A. and Wikileaks is a set up tool for "fools" who fall for it. All the "leaks" are declassified U.S. Govt. documents that are readily available to the public and are harmless, if one knows where to look for them. Some of those "classified" documents are made to disclose some curious details about world leaders without any liability to the Government. This is a tactical maneuvre to check how many of "naturally curious" people will be interested in reading truly Classified documents. A list of computer IP addresses, names etc. is made, to address it later, if need arises. Now you can all "laugh".


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