Why do people add "race" to their list of political issues?

Some insights from a metal forum:

I do not subscribe to the viewpoint that a race is inherently superior to another, because there are ALWAYS exceptions. Nothing is black and white. Call me a liberal shithead, but that's how it is for me.

This is basically where I come from, except the "nothing is black and white" meaning "no decisions are binary" part -- clearly false.

I think there's a couple issues here:

  • Diversity doesn't work

"Diversity" is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought. True, America does a better job than most at accommodating a diverse population. We also do a better job at curing cancer and containing pollution. But no one goes around mindlessly exclaiming: "Cancer is a strength!" "Pollution is our greatest asset!"


History shows us no successful examples of "diverse" societies, but a repeated pattern: wealthy civilizations in decay import labor and mercenaries, then become embroiled in constant race/class conflict, which helps kill them off. They leave behind mixed-race civilizations that while they have a few good people, are unable to do anything constructive, because the mob mentality is too strong. Examples: Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Russia.

Diversity is the new Swastika, King George or Hammer and Sickle: official unrealistic dogma you must obey, in denial of reality; a means by which the stupid get ahead of the smart. When the stupid get ahead of the smart, and form a lynch mob to drown them out because they bring up unpopular truths, your society becomes third world.

  • Preserving each ethnicity is important

I am a Conservationist. I believe in conserving forests. I believe in conserving the Purple House Finch just as much as the sparrow. To that end, Germany for Germans, Israel for Jews. Kick the Jews out of Germany, and the Palestinians out of Israel.


Unfortunately, our mania for "diversity" and commerce, democracy and popularity contests -- it destroys these things.


  • Most people are stupid or corrupt, so we should clear them out and keep the 5% who are good

This is the point that deadite is slyly making: you're not good just because you're white, and you're not superior to anyone by birth, because in the dice roll of genetic recombination at birth, you could have turned out bad. Encoding errors happen. Sometimes good families give birth to retards, autistics, sociopaths and others.

  • Evolution is real

Yes, some races evolved in more challenging climates, and so have multiple physical attributes that are different and often improved. Santayana calls them "favored races"; if he's talking about North Asians, Northern Europeans and Jews, I agree. These groups are the smartest and most capable people we have and we should encourage them.


IQ determines ability, and correlates highly with health, strength and good moral character. It is the single most important measure of a human being, but alone predicts nothing other than the ability to be intelligent. If you're a high-IQ sociopath, you're still no good. But if you're a low-IQ person, you're more likely to steal, rape, destroy, etc. out of pure stupidity. People under 105 IQ points cannot understand this discussion, although they always pretend to be able to. What does that tell you?

True, Africa is lagging behind on average IQ -- that means there are fewer smart people, and others who possess other evolutionary leaps, among them. Still doesn't mean you treat them badly. Evolution is also real at the individual level, whcih is why the previous point: we should smite the stupid/bad, and protect/nurture the good/smart.

Not rocket science. I'm glad we have a topic to finally fight this out after years of doing it in the Summoning topic. I hope it doesn't take over the board like it did in the past, because then neither side can speak to the other.

I came from a leftist background, and from it I retain the ideals of (a) fairness and (b) rabid environmentalism, although the latter originated in the far-right. My problem with leftism is that it's the lynch mob mentality: it's individuals deciding the world did them wrong, so they're going to blame society and destroy it, and they always replace societies with third world regimes.

This cycle has been documented for longer than the Bible has existed; you can find it in not only Plato, but Herotodus, and Tacitus, as well as many others. Modern versions are Spengler and Toynbee, and even liberal Jared Diamond points out much of it.

The chaos at this board was so much that SRP/VP documented his opinions on this topic here:

I thought it worth reposting. Original can be found here.


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