When great and OK are equal

Are we just kidding ourselves?

It's pretty clear that nothing of recent provenance comes close to being as amazing as the first Bathory, Immortal, Deicide or Slayer albums.

Even more, since there are now thousands of bands and none really emerge as clear winners, talented musicians are staying away from this genre. You could make a masterpiece and not be noticed, because the fans can't tell the difference between the new crap and something as good as the old.

Sometimes, when new promotional material comes in, I think: "These guys are in on the joke. They know the new stuff is crap and a generation raised on crap can't tell good from bad, so they're making bad and calling it ironic, instead of insisting that good music could exist in this genre."

Apologies to all dozen of you talented bands out there; most of you are B-grade and not A-grade, but I commend you to keep trying.


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