It's never ever We The People's fault

From the "whine like Bordeaux" files:

With the officers just seven feet away, Martinez whipped the 9mm machine pistol out from under his jacket and fired two rounds before the gun jammed.

Martinez, who had five prior arrests and was wanted for an assault in The Bronx, was taken to Roosevelt Hospital, where he died.


As he arrived home last night, another sibling, Anthony, cried out, "They shot my brother!"

"I want justice," said their mother, Ancela Martinez, outside the Midtown North station house.

"That was my beloved son," she said. "I want to know why the cop didn't shoot him in the leg or something."

NY Post

Yeah, we want anyone but us to do something about it. Nevermind that by the time your kid has five arrests and is wanted for an assault charge, he's not going to change -- there's probably four guys in all of history with that record who have -- or that he attempted to spray cops with bullets on a crowded street. It's someone else's fault, because that lets you keep being a prisoner in your own mind.

For anyone who has ever dealt with a recalcitrant suspect with a gun, it's clear that the instant they open fire on you, they make it a life-and-death situation. One of you will survive; the other cannot, because someone with a will to violence of that nature is not going to stop from being shot in the leg, or in both legs, or both legs and both arms, which would be difficult as hell at those speeds anyway. They stop when you wound them so severely they cannot physically continue. Generally, death is the outcome.

This woman is asking NYPD cops to make their lives second in importance to that of her son, who is a career criminal. No thanks, lady -- NYPD officers have proven that they're at least trying to do something productive. Your son was a parasite and judging by your comments, so are you.


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