I hate passive aggression

Notice the passivity of these statements:

"Human beings need celebrations," said Arthur Jackson, founder of the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.

On Sunday the Humanist Community had its Human Light celebration, with lots of food and a show called the "Free Thought Follies."

They are among seven atheist and agnostic organizations launching the Silicon Valley Coalition of Reason.

"It's more a matter of letting people know we're around," he said. "Most people think free thinkers are an irrelevant group, but we are 15 to 17 percent of the population."

But when asked about the meaning of life, he had a surprisingly simple answer:

"Love. Helping others."

"There is no atheist agenda," he said. "We are just trying to make the world a little happier. How can you be mad at people who are supporting love?"

Mercury News

Are you blockheads? If the answer was as simple and easy as love, we would have no problems whatsoever now! If the problem was as simple as free, humanist, light or Reason being lacking, we'd have no problems either.

A hint to all blockheads: real problems are far more subtle, and far less susceptible to categorical removal of an "evil" -- un-Light, un-Love, un-Reason and un-Humanism in these "free thinkers" version of religion -- than pretend, symbolic realities that make you look good at the expense of others.

Which is what you passive aggressive nitwits are doing.


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