Definitive death metal

  • Suffocation - Liege of Inveracity (Effigy of the Forgotten)

  • Incantation - Rotting Spiritual Embodiment (Onward to Golgotha)

  • Gorguts - Nostalgia (Obscura)

  • Infester - Braded into Palsy (To the Depths, In Degradation)
  • Pestilence - Chronic Infection (Consuming Impulse)

  • Deicide - Holy Deception (Legion)

  • Atheist - Brains (Unquestionable Presence)

  • Demilich - The Echo (Nespithe)

  • At the Gates - Windows (The Red in the Sky is Ours)

For people who didn't think death metal was varied, intense or intelligent.


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